Hook-Ups Bodies (slims).


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Hook-Ups Bodies Slims.

The Hook-Ups have now become the go-to rig for many boat anglers around the U.K. Since their launch in 2016 they have appeared many times, and featured in, Sea Angler, Saltwater Boat Angling, and Hook Point Magazines.

The idea behind the Hook-Ups was to design a rig that would stop fish such as Conger Eels, swallowing the bait and becoming “deep hooked.” The hook being attached to the weight (the Hook-Ups Body) via a swivel and split ring eliminated the deep hooking instantly. We also discovered that the way the rig “pins” the bait to the seabed, combined with the plastic coating of the body as an attractor, it started out-fishing the more traditional rigs and quickly became a must have in every competition, and are now used by members of the Welsh, and England boat teams!

Above the Hook-Ups body you can fish a leader with one or more flyers and hooks, we have put a few together which are available to purchase in the Hook-Ups “leaders” section, so as well as targeting the bottom feeding species, you can also target species such as Bream, Whiting, Pollock, Wrasse, etc, at the same time.

Having a swivel on each end of the Hook-Ups body stops the whole rig twisting up when fish like Eels start spinning while landing the fish, this also eliminates the fish being wrapped up in the rig and getting unnecessarily damaged by the leader. The swivels also allow the Hook-Ups body to be gripped when unhooking the fish with a T-Bar, without the hook getting twisted around and snapped.

The “Slims” Shape work well when you want the rig to “seek out” features on the seabed, or move more naturally with the tide unlike the Bopedo shape version, that has a tendency to anchor in place.

The body is coated in our usual hard wearing plastic coating, and are now available in the following colours: Glow Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow, and White (the White glows Blue in the dark!) It has the swivel at each end and comes ready fitted with a split ring.

The Hook-Ups Slims bodies are available in 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz and 12oz. The swivels vary from 100lb b/s up to 200lb b/s, depending on the weight of the body. All Slims bodies come with either a 100lb or 200lb b/s Split ring.


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