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Heavy – Cox & Rawle Hooks, 200lb Crane Swivels, 210lb Cox & Rawle Split Rings,
 200lb Leader, 65lb flier swivel 
Hook-Ups are designed to target most saltwater species, both in the UK and abroad. Due to the design; fish are lip-hooked, easy to handle and unhook.
Conger fishing was the original inspiration – too many hooks were getting swallowed and fish were wrapping the line around them, making releasing them difficult and unsafe for the fish and angler.
The body (weighted section) of the rig is generally used with a large bait to target the bigger species although we have introduced some great variations and accessories allowing you to lure fish or transform them into an extremely effective flat fish or mini-species rig.
We have now had reports of over 1,000 Congers landed on Hook-Ups! What is amazing is that every one was Lip Hooked!
There have also been 36 different species (that we know of) so far; from Porbeagles and Spurdog to Cuckoo Wrasse and Bream!

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