Hook-Ups Bodies


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Offshore, Body Only
Hook-Up, Offshore Body Only

for the angler that wants to tie and use their own leaders and main hook, or for the angler that wants to be able to switch leader types and body size quickly, this bodies only option allows just that! The body is coated in our usual hard wearing, “glow green with red stripes” combination. It has the swivel at each end and comes ready fitted with a split ring. The inshore Bodies come with 90lb b.s swivels and 100lb b.s split ring. The inshore range start at 4oz and go up to 8oz. The heavier Offshore bodies are available in 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, and 32oz. The swivels vary from 200lb b.s up to 300lb b.s, depending on the weight of the body. all offshore bodies come with a 200lb b.s Split ring.

The Hook-ups are deadly for most of the larger saltwater species when fishing from the boat. The design pins the bait to the seabed and ensures the fish are lip hooked  every time! A must have for Conger, Rays, Huss, and Rays.

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