Boat Fishing: Conger Eel kit.


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Spooked Fish Boat Fishing: Conger Eel Kit.

these kits are aimed at the novice, or occasional boat angler.

Contents: 8oz Hook-Up fitted with an 8/0 hook. 10oz Hook-Up fitted with a 10/0 hook. 12oz Hook-up fitted with a 10/0 hook. 2x quick change leaders tied on 200lb mono. A spare 8/0 and 10/0 hook.

The box also contains an information sheet on how to use the tackle supplied with added tips for maximum success.

Choose your hook size by the bait you are using (bigger the bait, bigger the hook). You will need split ring pliers to open the 200lb b/s split ring!

This rig was designed to stop Conger Eels swallowing the hook. This makes unhooking the fish very simple using a T-Bar.

This rig set-up also works well when drift fishing for ling over reefs and wrecks.



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